Parents and Teachers

This page is a guide to navigating the Festival. If you are NEW or if you are SEASONED, we hope you will find value in this information!

General Information

Q: What is the festival all about?
A: This Brochure will give you an overview

Q: When do I register?
A: Registration dates: February 1 - 22. The Registration System is only accessible through the Register page. Late registration runs from Feb 23-25 (late fees are charged)

Q: Where does the festival happen?
A: All performances are held at Festival Place in Sherwood Park April 17 - 21, 2023.

Q. When do I find out when I perform?
A: The performance schedule is released Mar 10, 2023. Performances are scheduled throughout each day from 9:00 am - 9:00 pm.

Q: Where are the rules and guidelines of the festival, and what can be performed?
A: In the SYLLABUS. Familiarize yourself with the 'RULES' and review the discipline pages of the syllabus, you will be entering in. For example, if you are entering in Piano, then that is the discipline you need to be familiar with.

*Common festival terminology: *Not found in the Glossary* (complete glossary located in the syllabus)
Discipline - It is the instrument being performed. They are all listed in the Table of Contents, as main headings
Category - In the Table of Contents, they are listed as a subheading, underneath the discipline they belong to.
Class - In the syllabus, it is a bolded heading. Listed beneath are numbers and ages/grades.
Class number - In the syllabus, these are listed below the Class (bolded heading). It is a 5-digit number.
Genre - Referring to the time period (style/subject matter) the selection was composed/written.

Choosing What to Perform

Q: How many selections can be performed?
A: As many as you wish.

Q: Is there a specific kind of repertoire that should be performed?
A: Not at all. Choose repertoire that is at your level of ability, and learn it to the best of your ability. The adjudicator's feedback will guide you in how to make your performance even better.


Q: How do you qualify for Scholarships?


Q: Do I enter in Competitive Classes or Non-Competitive Classes?
A: Go to the SCHOLARSHIP DETAILS page, and be sure to study the Flow chart.

Q: How do I choose the correct class for my selection?
A: Take time to ensure that the proper research on the composer has been completed to determine the correct genre/class to be entered. “Own Choice” should be used ONLY as a backup, OR if both selections are from the same genre/class. (You are only allowed to enter 1 (one) selection in a class.

Q: There is profanity in my selection, what should I do?
A: In following rule #35 (regarding repertoire in the repertoire), please make the appropriate changes. When registering, please also send an email the festival director to notify appropriate changes have been made.

Q: How do I know if a selection has been "arranged?" (the publishing company is NOT the arranger)
A: Example #1: Fur Elise, in level 2A of Piano Adventures method book, is composed by Beethoven and is then arranged for easy piano by Faber and Faber. Fur Elise - the original composition, is a level 8 piece in the RCM repertoire book.

Example #2: A Whole New World, in Piano Adventures method book, is composed by Alan Menken and is then arranged for piano by Faber and Faber. A Whole New World - the original composition, was composed for multiple instruments.

Q: Do I have all the information I need to register?

Q: I am ready to register, what do I do?
A: Registration is most effectively done from a computer, NOT from a mobile device.
Access the registration system from the
REGISTER page. You are fully registered once payment is made.


Q: What happens? What do I need?
A: #1 - Review the discipline section of the syllabus AND the rules.
#2 - Go to the

Alberta Provincial Music Festival

Q: Does every scholarship winner go?
A: No. Read the SYLLABUS on pages 8-9 .
Only one (1) solo performer from three (3) different age categories is nominated, from each discipline.
Exceptions: brass, percussion and woodwind - two (2) solo performers)

Grand Concert

Q: What is it?
A: See the GRAND CONCERT page.