Audience Information

Admission fee to the festival

Teachers, Parents, Family Members, 18 & over                 $8.00/day    OR    $20.00/week 

Youth ages 17 & under                                                                    Free 

Performers and Accompanists                                                   Free

If an audience member is attending to see just one performance, payment is expected.

Recording competitions or adjudications


The use of recording devices or cameras is permitted provided that the user remains stationary and unobtrusive, and records ONLY his or her own competitor. No flash Photography is permitted.

Can my family/teacher/friends come to my performance?

Yes. The Sherwood Park Music Festival is open to the public, with paid admission fee. (see prices above)

Talking to the adjudicator

At no time (before, during, or after the performance or adjudication) shall the adjudicator be approached or confronted about marks, placings, or adjudications by a competitor, parent, teacher, or other individual (except for the festival committee representative). Such contact may result in the competitor's disqualification. A brief thank-you is permitted and always appreciated, by the adjudicator. 

Audience Etiquette

If you wish to attend the festival as an audience member, you should be aware of the following etiquette rules. Each entrant may be competing for trophies and scholarships. Some are competing for National class placement and certain Choral classes are recorded for future adjudication. As a result, these rules are very important to maintain a proper and level field of competition.