Wye String Ensemble Scholarship

Wye String Ensemble Scholarship - $400.00

Wye String Ensemble Scholarship:

  1. Best SOLO Senior Level performer of the Festival, in a specific rotating discipline.

  2. Adjudicator chosen.

  3. The winner performs at the Grand Concert and Awards Ceremony.

  4. The Winner performs as a featured guest with the Wye String Ensemble, at their Annual Year-End concert, the following year (not the current festival year)


1. Only Senior Level entrants are eligible
2. Competitors must showcase their ability to perform 20 minutes of repertoire. This repertoire may be a stand-alone work or a combination of shorter works.
3. There are no specific classes a competitor must enter to be eligible for this scholarship.
4. Iris Evans Scholarship candidate performances are ineligible.

2022 Scholarship Discipline: Woodwinds

See www.wyestringensemble.com for more information about the Wye String Ensemble