Wye String Ensemble

Wye String Ensemble Scholarship - $400.00

This award is adjudicator chosen

General Information:

  • The winner of this scholarship performs as a featured guest with the Wye String Ensemble, a local amateur orchestra, at their Annual Year-End Concert in June, the following year.
  • This Scholarship is awarded to a specific discipline each year: Piano, String, Woodwind, Vocal (includes all genres of vocal)

Scholarship Criteria:

  • This scholarship is awarded to a Senior Level Performer.
  • There are no specific classes a competitor must enter to be eligible for this scholarship.
  • Competitors must showcase their ability to perform 20 minutes of repertoire. This repertoire may be a stand-alone work or a combination of shorter works. These are the selections to be performed with the Wye String Ensemble.

Scholarship Discipline Rotation:

2020 - Woodwind

2021 - String

2022 - Vocal

2023 - Piano

See www.wyestringensemble.com for more information about the Wye String Ensemble