Rose Bowl Scholarship

Rose Bowl Scholarship - $750.00

Rose Bowl Scholarship:

  1. Best Senior Level Solo performer of the Festival Week.

  2. Adjudicator recommended and SPMFA Board chosen.

  3. The winner performs at the Grand Concert and Awards Ceremony.


  1. Only Senior Level Solo entrant are eligible.

  2. Must have performed in at least three (3) solo classes within the same discipline.

  3. Must be awarded Platinum level marks in all three (3) classes.

  4. Cannot win in two(2) consecutive years.

  5. Iris Evans Scholarship candidate performances are ineligible.

Factors (Considerations) by the SPMFA Board when choosing a winner

    • All marks received

    • Has entrant(s) entered in more than one discipline

    • Has entrant(s) competed in this festival before

    • Has competitor(s) competed in any group numbers (duet, trio, quartet)