Spring 2019

2020 Festival: April 20 - 24

Grand Concert and Awards Ceremony: April 27

Registration: January 1 - February 7

Late registration:February 8 - 16

($20.00 fee applied to EACH class entered)

Congratulations to our Provincial Winners!!

Nottingham Children's Youth Choir

2nd Place - Choral 14 yrs. & under

Nottingham Youth Choir

2nd Place - Choral 19 yrs. & under

Archbishop Jordan High School Girl's Choir

1st Place - Senior High School Choir

Rianna Burgess - 2nd Place - Woodwind Solo Senior

Congratulations to all 2019

Festival Scholarship winners

Rose Bowl: Annabelle Idoga-Wong

President's Scholarship: Jenaya Kellgren

Wye String Ensemble: Benjamin Rieder

Iris Evans Scholarship for the Performing Arts:

Astrid Deibert

Congratulations to all Class Winners:

Evie Marsten, Sofia Berry, Gracie Appleton, Daniel Smith, Quaid Blom, Lauren Mercer, Alexandra Jewitt,

Claire Smith, Katie Orr, Iris Werbicki, Harmony Pudar, Samantha Boychuk, Justus Robinson, Maya Faragalla, Kassandra Sproule, Kaylee Sproule, Samarah Harburn, Astrid Deibert, Josiah Peters, Joelle Devereux,

Claire Bennett, Casen Anderson, Abigail Brady, Bryn LaBrecque, Jocelyn Suelzle, Lily McKinley, Rachel Chow,

Coen McKinley, Bella Pinto, Benjamin Li, Jordan Miller, Elizabeth David, Alexia Reklow, Christian Lee,

Inam Siddiqui, Kenneth McGale, Rebecca Dargis, Steven Swinton, Eleanor Miller, Addison Peters,

Winnifred Burdett, Steven Yu, Adam Hoag, Kelsey Sinclair, Ajani Inniss-Reynolds, Taleah Wylie, Grace Miller,

Ryan Lee, Maggie Chen, Jayant Naidu, Jared Nelson, Talia Rieder, Marielle Fung, Sarah Yorke, Ezra Eaton, Alexander Dai, Jennifer Chen, Benjamin Rieder, Annabelle Idoga-Wong, Alexa Kalist, Amy Yao, Ezra Harness,

Kurt Stenner, Morgan Myschuk, Samarah Jeske, Nathan Froehlich, Ivy Li, Isabelle Chiu, Filip Fufezan,

Elise Froehlich, Mikayla Pettit, Gabrielle Linford, Amerys Miller, Madelyn Appleton


a volunteer run festival

An annual competitive music and speech arts festival which provides amateur performers

with the opportunity to perform, compete for scholarships, listen to others,

and be adjudicated by National and International Adjudicators.

Our week-long festival wraps up with the Grand Concert and Awards Ceremony.

We invite you to be entertained by some of the best, and show-stopping, performances of the week.

Award winners are presented with scholarships,

by several government officials and business owners, from our community.