Virtual Festival Instructions

Step 1 - Registration: NOW CLOSED

  • Register using your Music Festival Suite profile.

  • Registration closes: Feb 15th

  • Late Registration closes: Feb 22nd (fee applies)

Step 2 - Video Upload:

  • Upload your performance video for each Class you have registered to Music Festival Suite.

  • Video Upload Tutorial for detailed direction found here. Additionally, you can find another video tutorial from Music Festival Suite here.

  • Video Links Accepted ONLY: March 1 - April 13, 2021.


  • Accompaniment must be played as written.

(Exception: Musical Theatre, Folk Songs, Contemporary Vocal, and all other Pop Classes in any discipline, and Family Music)

  • Accompaniment is limited to ONE non-electric instrument.

*For the 2021 festival only*

Pre-recorded accompaniment is permitted

Obtaining pre-recorded accompaniment:

  • Option 1: You may purchase accompaniment from the internet, that uses ONE non-electric instrument

  • Option 2: Your preferred accompanist may provide a recording of the accompaniment for you.

Step 3 - Repertoire Upload:

  • Scan and email all repertoire with proof of purchase/copyright for each performance to : by March 25th.

  • Please put the subject line: 'Class ##### - First Name and Last Name'

Example Subject: Class 75210 - Jane Smith

Step 4 - Festival Week - April 19th to 23rd


  • There will be no live interaction between participants and adjudicator

  • Adjudication feedback and virtual certificate will be sent to the email provided in your registration profile.

  • The quality of the video and sound will not be taken into consideration.

Tips on Creating a Quality Recording found here.

Step 5 - Awards Ceremony

  • April 26, 2021 - Awards Ceremony - handing out of Scholarships and Awards


Tips and Tricks on How to Capture the Best Recording

Requirements for Performance Recordings:

  • Pianists - must be able to see the hands

  • Instrumentalists - must be able to see the hands and the instrument

  • Vocals/Speech - must be able to see the upper body including the face

  • Musical Theatre - must be able to see the body movement around the stage

  • For classes consisting of more than one selection you must include all pieces in one single recording - performing it just as you would in a live festival (eg. in a recital class play piece # 1, 2 and 3 before stopping the camera)

  • Memorization of pieces is required for scholarships and provincial nominations. Please refer to #6 of “Performance and Repertoire” of the SPMF 2021 Festival Rules for class exceptions

  • Please follow proper dress code - you can refer to #8 of “Performance and Repertoire” of the SPMF 2021 Festival Rules for a guideline

Suggestions for Quality Recordings:

**While Adjudicators will NOT be taking into account the quality of video and sound of your performance recordings when creating their evaluations, they can still be limited in their ability to comment if they are not able to properly hear or see the required elements of a performance.


  • Put the microphone / camera as close to the instrument as possible while still capturing the required components listed above

  • Avoid background noise and disruptions- eg. tv, radio, phone notifications, talking, children or pets, rattling dishes

  • Turn up the volume

  • Accompaniment must be heard but be sure that it does not drown out the intended “voice”


  • Use plenty of light and avoid shadows on performing hands. Natural light is beneficial - open up the windows. Large lamps placed in appropriate spots on can also help.

  • Avoid a shaky recording. If possible a tripod is ideal or being able to place the camera on a table etc. to remain still for the recording.

  • If using your phone: a. Use the camera on the back of the phone as it is better quality than the front; b. Record in landscape mode (horizontal) to ensure the recording is optimized on larger screens as well

  • Use a clean background - be aware of what your viewer can see!

REMEMBER - on the other side of your camera is your LIVE audience! Smile and present your performance just as you would on a live stage… and have FUN!

Source: “12 Simple Tips for Making Your Videos Look More Professional”

To print these tips, click here.