Class Scholarship

Class scholarships:

  1. SPMFA Board awarded.

  2. Based on highest marks.

  3. Categorized according to classes entered by all competitors, and subsequently change from year-to-year..

  4. The scholarship categorizing is completed once all registrations have been received and before the festival begins.

  5. Winners of Class Scholarships may be chosen to perform at the Grand Concert and Awards Ceremony.


  1. Entrant(s) must have performed in at least two (2) classes or performed two (2) selections, in any of the discipline(s) in the entire festival.

  2. Entrants are only eligible for only ONE scholarship per discipline.

The following are ineligible for class scholarships:

Winners of the following: Rose Bowl Scholarship,President's Scholarship, Discipline Scholarships, Specialty Discipline Scholarship, Iris Evans Scholarships, Wye String Ensemble Scholarships