General Information

For information on qualifying for any of our scholarships, please contact Kristen Fraser:

Every performer, excluding choir members, receives a certificate with a standing.

Performers do not receive a mark.

All marks are kept confidential between the adjudicator and members of the Festival Board.

Platinum Standing (90% +) A Platinum standing reflects a polished and fluent performance

Gold Standing (86-98%) A Gold standing reflects an impressive performance with some elements that still need polishing

Silver Standing (83-85%) A Silver Standing reflects a good overall performance with areas that require improvement

Bronze Standing (80-82%) A Bronze Standing reflects a satisfactory performance with several elements and areas that require improvement

All scholarships and awards are handed out at the Grand Concert and Awards Ceremony

Scholarship Age Category classifications:


All disciplines:

Classes 10 yrs. & under and Classes Beginner to Grade/Level 4


All disciplines :

(excluding Piano I)

Classes 11 yrs. and under, 12 yrs. and under, 13 yrs. and under,

14 yrs. and under and Classes

Grade/Level 5, 6 and 7

Piano Plan I:

Classes 11 yrs. & under, & 12 yrs. and under, & 13 yrs. and under


All disciplines:

(excluding Piano Plan I)

Classes 15 & over, and above

and Classes Grade/Level 8 & over

Piano Plan I:

Classes 14 yrs. & under, & above