President's Scholarship - $400.00

The President's Scholarship is the award to an outstanding senior level performer(s) of the festival week. 

Soloists and groups (2-5 members) are eligible.

This is an award chosen by the SPMFA Board, based on the following criteria:

                  • Must have competed in at least 3 classes, or performed at least 3 selections, within the same discipline
                  • Must be awarded Platinum or Gold standing marks
The following factors are taken into consideration:
                      • Repertoire difficulty/variety and total performance time
                      • Has competitor(s) competed in more than one discipline
                      • Has competitor(s) competed in this festival before
                      • Has competitor(s) competed in any group numbers (2-6 members)
                      • Was he/she recommended for the Rose Bowl Scholarship
The following rules apply:
                      • Winner of the Rose Bowl Scholarship is ineligible
                      • Candidate cannot win in 2 consecutive years
                      • Iris Evans Scholarship class candidate performances are ineligible